chestnut picking

Golden leaves, chestnut trees heavy with their sweet nut and everybody hikes to the chestnut forest to pick up as many chestnuts they can!

Saturday 8 October activities

  • Chetsnut Picking. Its a hard job and someone has to do it! Tons of chestnuts are waiting for you.

  • Horseback Riding. The best way to enjoy the falliage is with a nice ride on in the forest!

  • Forest Games. Our kidergarden teachers have designed the best most interactive games in the forest for your kids.

  • Cooking Lesson. Our chef will teach you how to cook our famous chestnut soup!

  • Tsipouro Tasting. Taste our three local varieties of tsipoyro made out of grapes, apples and cranberries!

  • Barbecue. Food tastes so much better under a tree!