chestnut & tsipouro festival

Thanks to the abundance of chestnuts and the production of traditional tsipouro, every year in Ano Chora the locals revive with zeal and enthusiasm, the Chestnut Festival and Tsipouro, the oldest and finest tradition of the village.

Saturday 22 October

The big celebration takes place each year around the third weekend of October and lasts for the whole weekend! As early as Friday afternoon in the village there are starting preparations: the cauldron for the distillation of raki and the baking of the chestnuts take their places in the countryside. At dawn Saturday the village is surrounded by the smell. The same afternoon, the housewives of the village are serving delicacies such as pancakes, pies, donuts and traditional cooked dishes. The glasses are filled by the "Loulé" where the steamingtsipouro flows! The whole village is a big party, locals starts the dance and the air smells freshly baked chestnuts. The fun has begun ... and the spell can not be solved until dawn of Sunday morning!