treasures of the earth

Back to our roots - Herbs

A two-day exploration for the treasures of our earth!

June 15 - 17

The botanist Thomas Papadimitriou guides us through the secrets of mountain flora, through two days of hiking and search for herbs, at an altitude range of 1.100-1.700m, where plants such as achilles, thyme, saffron, balm, wild orchids, savory etc.

We will learn:

  • how to recognize them
  • how to gather them in the proper way
  • how to use them in our everyday life
  • how to produce botanicals, cosmetics and therapeutic ointments


    Friday 15/6 at 17:00

  • Departure from central Athens (upon request)
  • Arrival in picturesque Ano Chora, arrangement in the rooms, free time, acquaintance with the village.

  • Saturday 16/6

  • After taking our breakfast, we board the coach to get on the path that will take us at to the top of Omalia. There we search for rare herbs of the Greek flora that grow at high altitudes. (> 1,600m) Our botanist guides us all the way, providing us with all the necessary instructions and useful information.
  • Snack is provided during hiking.
  • Back to accommodation, free time.
  • Erly afternoon there will be a demonstration of how to make your own dry botans, cosmetics and therapeutic ointments. Herbs as medicines have infinite uses.

  • Sunday 17/6

  • After breakfast, we leave for our last hike in the wild mountains Nafpaktia, and in particular the enchanting path of the orchids. There, Thomas Papadimitriou will further enrich our knowledge of the magic of nature. Μετά το πρωϊνό, αναχωρούμε για την τελευταία μας πεζοπορία στην άγρια ομορφιά της ορεινής Ναυπακτίας, και συγκεκριμένο το μαγευτικό μονοπάτι των ορχιδέων. Εκεί ο Θωμάς Παπαδημητρίου θα εμπλουτίσει λίγο ακόμα τις γνώσεις μας για τη μαγεία της φύσης.
  • Discussion, questions & tips.
  • Departure for Athens and arrival at 21:00 with some stops.

    Participation fee
    With transfer: 100 € / person in a double room
    Without transfer: 50 € / person in double room

    Sign up at the participating hotels:

    tel. +30 26340 41555

    tel. +30 26340 41101