The northern part of the beautiful Nafpaktos, inaccessible, barren with labyrinthine ridges and deep ravines. It begins where Pindos ends and is bounded east from Vardousia, north from Oxia, northwest from Panaitoliko and south from the Corinthian Gulf.

There are many stories on how we end up calling it Kravara. Some argue that it comes from the Slavic word Kravara, meaning cow meadow. The place though is not suitable for feeding cows, nor the name Kravara in mentioned in the history after the raid of Slavs on the Byzantine Empire neither during the Turkish domination. Another theory says that Kravara is a corruption of the word "Krakoura" meaning rugged slopes.

Others claim that the name comes from its inhabitants. They were excellent warriors and at their conflicts with the Turks shouted: "stin kara varete" (hit at the skull), so after omiting some vowels "kara vareite" became "Kravaritai". There are other stories, such that Kravara is a corruption of the word "Akroreiai" (peaks) in "Krakoura" and then Kravara. However, the name Kravara and Kravaritis, tends to disappear, and should be considered a title of honor.