I promise to ...

  • take care of the nature and deposit all rubbish in the bins provided.
  • only use marked paths and roads, follow the signs and never ride over fields and meadows.
  • control my speed accordingly when there is oncoming traffic.
  • take hikers and walkers into consideration while biking and always grant them right of way.
  • not use any deer and wild bore crossings, so as not to scare any wild animals.
  • follow the instructions of the staff and adhere to regulations for the transportation of the bikes.
  • practice my sport at my own risk. I am aware that this sport is unusually risky and therefore I have a personal accident insurance and a private indemnity insurance for damage to a third party.
  • oblig to wear proper safety gear and I must wear a helmet.
  • report accidents and equipment damage immediately.
  • acknowledge that the affiliated hotels do not hold any liability for accidents and damaged equipment.
  • to not ride motorbikes in the forest paths.
  • to not drink and ride or hike in the park.